Real people want to send real thoughtful gifts, but it’s a pain in the donkey trying to guess their favorite color, size, or dig out their shipping address, so we usually give up.

Lucky for us, we’ve solved that. Here’s how:

Send any gift instantly via email or text message. We sprinkle a little Jifiti magic on your gift and turn it into a digital gift card. Color, size, style, shipping address... that’s all on them.

The recipient opens your beautiful and thoughtful gift, thinks you’re awesome, and can use the attached gift card to redeem the suggested gift (or anything else if they want).

Retailer? Yup. You’re thinking what we’re thinking. No more gift returns. The gift is shipped only after the recipient gives the green light. You’re welcome.

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Partnering with us has never been quicker or easier.

There is no 'i' in Jifiti. Or is there?
Jifiti’s dream team operates out of
Columbus, Ohio and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Look, Ma!
They really like us!
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